Nettie Bryan for Cypress City Council 2018

Responsive, Caring, and Accountable Leadership

About Nettie

I moved to Cypress 13 years ago to begin a blended family with my husband, a longtime resident.  I am a mother who transitioned from helping in the classroom to helping in the community.

I currently act as secretary on the executive board of the Woman’s Club of Cypress.  I served on the Recreation Commission until beginning my run for city council. While on the commission, I worked on amending policy, overview of department budget, opening a new park, and monthly facility reporting.

As your council member, I will be working for you. Because I believe accessibility is important, I will have open hours and hold monthly Q&As throughout Cypress. I look forward to building a city inclusive  of all Cypress residents.

I will not be beholden to any developers, and I will not reward bait and switch contracts.

Issues important to me include:

  • traffic
  • over-development
  • environmental impacts
  • working families
  • safe schools accessible to all
  • community safety
  • a sensible, balanced city budget
  • government transparency


Together we can bring Cypress Back to Basics with responsive, caring, and accountable leadership.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Nettie Bryan

1440 North Harbor Blvd. Suite# 707 | Fullerton, CA 92835-4120
FPPC # 1408966
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