Nettie Bryan for Cypress City Council 2018

Responsive, Caring, and Accountable Leadership

Nettie on the issues:

Pay to Play

I will not take donations or gifts from developers, therefore I will not be beholden to their demands on our city. I also will not reward bait and switch contracts.


Traffic in Cypress has been a growing problem for years. As your council member I will insist that traffic studies be done during peak traffic hours and times of year.


I am in favor of Cypress bringing back a Planning Commission. More resident input is key to keeping Cypress moving forward in a sensible way.

Sensible, Balanced Budget

To keep us on the right path of a sensible, balanced budget, one issue I would address is the benefits that Council Members receive. Local government is not a career and should not be treated like one.

Fight for Working Families

Working Families are the often forgotten backbone of Cypress. My goal is to reach out to all Cypress residents, to be accessible, and to address the unique needs of working families.

Environmental Impacts

Environmental Impact studies before developing many of the development spaces left in Cypress is a must! We cannot develop irresponsibly just to make money.

Nettie being sworn in to the City of Cypress Recreation & Community Services Commission.

Government Transparency

I believe Cypress council workshop sessions should be held in council chambers as part of the regular meeting. Therefore those that are unable to be at the meeting can watch live and be involved.

Community Safety

I am in favor of Cypress bringing back a Neighborhood Watch program. Our first line of defense is our neighbors. I am also in favor of the police department earthquake retrofit. The police department should be a safe building.


Although City Council and the School Districts are two separate entities, I would like to see the modulars come off of the school campuses and have all Cypress students in regular classrooms.

Nettie and her children.

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